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Should You Hire A Realtor To Sell Your House?

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It’s time to sell your house! EEK, what do you do? It’s now time to SELL one of the biggest financial investments of your life! Should you do it on your own?  Should you hire a Realtor to sell your house?  Maybe you’re on the fence about this and you just saw a commercial about how you can sell your house by yourself and save lots of money, but is that a bunch of BS?

If you do decide to hire a Realtor to sell your house in Temecula Valley, what do you expect their marketing plan for your house to be?

Does it include more than a Prayer, Putting it in the MLS and Posting sign in the yard? (AKA 3Ps)

So I have a little secret for you.  And let’s just say some of my colleagues will not like me for sharing information.


Most Temecula Valley Realtors unfortunately rely solely on the 3 P’s of Traditional Real Estate and DO NOT have a marketing plan for your house.

The question I believe you should be asking yourself is not if you should hire a Realtor to sell your house, but how can you hire the RIGHT Realtor to sell your house.

I recently spoke to a girlfriend of mine who lives out of state and they were expressing their anger to me about their recent home selling experience.

Let’s just say that her agent did the bare minimum to get the sold house. That’s right, Prayer, Posting in The MLS, and Posting a Sign in the yard. Then She gave me a list of complaints and here they are.

DISCLOSURE:  I think this is important, because I’m certainly not trying to throw my industry under the bus. I am trying to educate you on the right things to look for when deciding on an agent to hire to sell your San Diego Property.

Here’s her list:

  1. She was not educated on the home selling process and didn’t know what to expect.
  2. She wanted to know what she was paying her agent.
  3. She didn’t like that she had zero input to how the home would be marketed for sale.
  4. She wanted her Realtor to earn their commission.

I don’t blame her one bit. Here’s why people hire Realtors in the first place.

First, hiring a Realtor to sell your house or property is not an expense, it’s an investment.  The truth is that with the right marketing plan and positioning,  the commission will pay for itself and then some when you hire the RIGHT agent.

My advice is to hire a Realtor who has REAL marketing expertise. Otherwise what the hell are you paying them for?

1) What is your marketing Strategy?
A lot of agents use this opportunity to share how great their company is. When they do this, this should be a HUGE red flag. The company they work for makes ZERO difference. Because it’s the individual Realtor who is going to make or break your sale. Amazing Realtors, and 3P Realtors exist in every office.

2) Where do you put my property OTHER than the MLS?
This question will usually result in the Zillow answer, and it goes like this…..”we will put your property on thousands of websites like Zillow,,, and This is a great answer, but the problem with it is that every Realtor in Temecula Valley can do that, and listings expire here every day. So what’s missing? You need more than the MLS, your agent needs to be strategic, and that’s what we do when we strategically put your property in front of buyers who are most likely to move into the area. 

3) Do you have a back up Plan?
Something that first responders know very well is that a plan is great until something goes wrong, that’s when the real test comes. Well, selling a house is no different! Everything looks great on paper. Shoot, sometimes everything is perfect and as soon as you go “Live” you get hit with the hard reality that something about your property doesn’t motivate buyers to come tour it! During this time, you need to have a plan in place that will help you get back to the top of mind of likely buyers in Temecula Valley, and be ready to execute that plan!

So what are my answers to these questions? I’m glad you asked!

A Realtor is not supposed to just “Put you on the MLS”. A Realtor’s job is to get more eyes on a property than you could do on

their own in addition to facilitating the entire transaction. I’m certainly not going to claim that I’m some kind of marketing guru, because I’m not, but I do believe in playing to your strengths, being self aware, and so I found people who compliment my strengths. That’s why I hired my marketing team!

My strength is that I am an expert in the local Temecula Valley real estate market.  I know exactly how to position a property for sale, while my marketing team makes sure the entire world knows about it.

To answer all three questions, here’s My Marketing Strategy!

  • Facebook Just Listed Ads– Almost everybody is on Facebook, and everyone knows that Facebook is a Social Media Platform. But that’s not why Facebook is the international power player that we know it as today. Facebook is a marketing platform, and  that’s why it’s the perfect platform for marketing your home! As your Realtor, my team and I can target people who are likely to move and who are local to your property.  We can do this because we know how to place ads in Facebook and then set the RIGHT targeting to reach your ideal buyers.  This can get your property thousands of extra views if done correctly….which, leads to more qualified, ready, willing and able buyers!
  • Just Listed Postcards– Print Media is dead…..with one exception, Direct Mail! Your neighbors are often the biggest fans of your area.  Have you ever seen a real estate post on social media that gets shared?  It’s because your neighbors are also the biggest advocates, for your neighborhood and want to to help spread the word about potential houses for sale in their neck of the woods.
  • Property Video– It’s 2016 and EVERY Realtor should be doing property videos because it’s a fact they increase property exposure. Do you like looking at homes better with a video attached to it?
  • You Tube Optimization– You’ve heard of YouTube right? Well, did you know that YouTube is the biggest search engine on the Web? Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram have started to put a lot of effort into getting video front and center on their platforms. When it comes to Real Estate, according to the National Association of Realtors as well as Google, in 2017, 86% of home shoppers used video to learn more about a specific community, and new home buyers placed an emphasis on virtual tours and videos showcasing properties they were interested in! So, we brought in a professional videographer to showcase your property. Better yet, with out understanding of how video search engines work, we are actually able to get your video on the front of a YouTube Search page with a process called Video Optimization!
  • Online Optimization– According to the Report titled the “2017 Real Estate in a Digital Age“, that is put out every year by the National Association of Realtors, 99% of millennials, 89% of Baby Boomers, and 77% of the Silent Generation all search on real estate websites. While your property will certainly get to thousands of websites around the web, we make sure that we focus with heavy emphasis on the top three Real Estate Search sites that account for nearly 90% of all real estate related activity to ensure that your home is put in the best possible light, for the most amount of people. Can you guess what they are? 😉
  • Back Up Exit Strategy– Everyone wants to start high on their listing price.  However, what happens if you do not get enough traction on the initial offering?  Having a pricing strategy planned ahead of time will is a very good idea.  A listing that sits too long on the market without any repositioning leads to a longer market time and therefore a lower sales price than being aggressive up front.

So, should you hire a Real Estate Agent? Sure, you can! But why not hire someone who has taken the next step and embraced what it means to be a marketing company, who specializes in Real Estate?

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