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Do Not List Your House For Sale in Temecula Without Doing This First!

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Selling your home can be really exciting, but it can be extremely daunting and sometimes a little over whelming! Especially if you’re having to pay two mortgages after you’ve already purchased your new home.  So this is going to be a blog you’re really going to want to pay attention to if you want to make the most money possible when you List your House For Sale.

I’m not saying that Selling a house is a walk on the beach! You will have showing requests at odd hours, open houses, inspections, and the constant need to keep your home clean and staged, this is certainly a lot to deal with! This is especially right if you have kids and pets. It can be a huge inconvenience and nuisance for many. However, when you prepare to list your house to sell the RIGHT WAY, you will minimize market time and hopefully get an offer fast.

My 4 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For This Summer Market


The reality is that most of us have too much stuff (except for shoes). I’m pretty sure we can all agree on that. We tend to keep things that we probably may never use, and for some reason, feel obligated to keep that stuff around. It never surprises me how much stuff that home sellers throw after they move out! Don’t worry though, it happens to everyone! You’re probably not a hoarder! 😉

Before we bring the photographer in to take pictures of your home. You’re going to want to get rid of any unnecessary pieces of furniture or any bulky pieces that take up too much space. Yes guys, your smelly recliner has to go! Don’t take this personally, it’s just business. You want to create space and flow throughout your home as people tend to be extremely visual. You might have great space, but people might not be able to picture their own things if it’s too cluttered. This also goes for your kitchen, bathrooms and yes, even your closets.

You want to leave one or two pieces on your countertop. The espresso machine, pizza oven, and blender should be put out of sight. The idea here is that although you might have a lot of counter space, but if it’s cluttered with stuff, it won’t be appealing  to buyers. Follow the same idea with everywhere in your house. If storage space is tight I recommend renting a storage unit. They are definitely worth it for this purpose. Remember the theme here is LESS IS MORE!!


All pictures of you, your family, and friends need to go down as well as any unusual artwork, décor pieces, memorabilia and religious symbols. You never know who is going to be seeing your house. You might be a Padres Fan and lose all potential offers, you never know.  Buyers can be extremely superstitious!

You really want to try to keep things as neutral as possible in order to allow potential buyers the opportunity to visualize their pictures on the wall. This can be challenging, but try to remember that your goal is to sell your house quickly and for the most amount of money. Don’t take this personally, it’s just business. Remember, you are selling your home, not your stuff. You might love to hunt and are very proud of your trophies, but you will not win any favors with a buyer who is a member of PETA. Oh, and tasteful nude art is considered “unusual artwork” when you’re selling a house, just take it down.


Repairs and paint:

Real quick! Take a second to figure out how many home improvement projects do you still want to do? How many have you started but you haven’t finished yet? Well, time is up, it’s time to finally finish them. If you can’t or you know you wont finish them, ask me for a recommendation for a general contractor. Send me a text message and let me know when you’ll have your unfinished home improvement projects down to zero, I’ll put it in my calendar.

If you want to be really proactive and reduce the amount of surprises that may pop up from inspection after you go under contract, get a professional pre-listing home inspection. It will cost you between $300 – $600 depending on the size of your home! With this, you can tackle issues that will inevitably come up in your buyers’ inspection. You can also have your furnace and water heater serviced to showcase a clean bill of health when putting it on the market. All of these things we will make part of your listing and available to agents who will show your home.

Paint, can do a lot for the appearance of your home. You’re going to want to make sure all of the walls are touched up and look sharp. All of the nail holes should be neatly patched and painted. If you have any unusual wall colors, I strongly recommend painting over with neutral colors.

A few years ago I had a client who smoked cigarettes in the house. I’m not talking about the occasional cigarette either, they smoked a lot in the house, and it was the first impression of the home when you walked through the door. Buyers would experience that as well, and unfortunately that is something that will make a lot of people make a judgement on the house without even going inside.  I told them, the same thing I’m saying now, there was no way I was putting that thing on the market until it was painted. They listened, it was painted and it sold right away! Listen to my advice, I will not lie to you.  Paint to sell!

Clean, Clean, Clean…

Now, I know this one sounds like an obvious no brainer but you would be surprised how many people miss or simply ignore this simple, but crucial step. My recommendation is to commit to having a deep cleaning the day before you list your home. You’re going to want to go farther than what you do to clean up on weekends, or before company comes over. A big one that people frequently miss is the air vents, don’t leave them dusty. Buyers will pay attention to everything, and in their minds, everything will be worthy of a sizable discount when they decide to make an offer.

So, now that you’ve read these tips for getting ready to put your house on the market, what’s next? Consult with a real estate professionals in advance to get their input. I meet with all of my clients prior to listing to make sure we have these conversations. Because I know it’s important to you that you get an acceptable offer and you sell it. It’s important to me that your home sells, and if you trust me with the responsibility of being your listing agent, I’ll do everything I can in order to make that happen quickly. Preparation can be time consuming, but trust me, it will be well worth it when you get an offer that comes in above asking price the first week on the market!

Good Luck and Happy Selling!

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